The honeybee as a source of artistic inspiration

14.9. —

Kopp Jan Constellation Ordinaire 9
Jan Kopp, Constellation ordinaire 9, 2018, photo: Jan Kopp
Kopp Jan G 2018 1
Jan Kopp, Constellation ordinaire 9 (detail), 2018, photo: Jan Kopp
Baselgia Mirko Bienenwabe 03 2013
Mirko Baselgia, Bienenwabe, 2013, photo: Mirko Baselgia

The honeybee plays a key role within our whole ecosystem. Starting from contemporary discussions about how bees are dying and current threats to the species, artistic works come about — in part in response to science — which demonstrate subjects relevant to society as well as principles of living and acting together. This is a group exhibition created in cooperation with the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and presents the honeybee as a source of artistic inspiration.

Invited artists amongst others: Brigham Baker, Mirko Baseglio, Joseph Beuys, Björn Braun, Mike Hentz, Sandra Knecht, Jan Kopp, Peter Regli, Boris Rebetez, Wolfgang Laib, Joan Miró, Alex Muñoz & Xavi Manzanares, Marine Hugonnier, Luis Fernando Ramírez Celis, Philip Wiegard, Toni Serra/Abu Ali and Till Velten.

Curator: Ines Godbach, in cooperation with Martina Millà, Fundació Joan Miró Barcelona