Collecting. Umgang mit Sammlungen

The focus of this exhibition project lies on events and activities around the topic of collecting. What do we collect, and indeed what is valued enough for us to collect and keep it? What do we do with the collections that we are responsible for? Collection

Following the ‘Making Visible’ exhibition that took place in autumn 2013, a selection of works from the new media collection will again be presented. This year works from Manon Bellet, Sonja Feldmeier and Alex Silber will be shown.

Kunstverein Baselland Collection

In addition to this, individual works by Simone Berger, Werner Buser, Dorothea Erny, Max Grauli, Tobias Mädorin, Marius Rappe and Gido Wiederkehr from the Kunstverein Baselland’s collection will be exhibited and discussed in the context of the accompanying events.


The Kunsthaus Baselland is organising the first major institutional presentation of works by the well-known design team breadedEscalope, a group positioned between art and design. Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl and Michael Tatschl are at the centre of the Vienna-based collective, and together they develop objects for everyday use; in so doing the process of production comes to the fore. The RePresent objects – for which the three designers realise everyday objects in collaboration with the Basel population by making them from everyday things taken from private collections – will be a key element of the exhibition.

More about breadedEscalope on their website and in ART AUREA, March 2013.

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Bellet Manon

Manon Bellet, I lost you again, 2008