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ERNTE 2016 Solo-Position: Esther Ernst

HARVEST 2016. Solo Presentation: Esther Ernst 

18th March – 1st May 2016

Curator: Ines Goldbach

Press: Press view Wednesday 16th March, 9.15 am

Opening: Thursday 17th March, 6.30 pm
Opening speech by councillor Monica Gschwind and welcome speeches by Bernadette Hauert, kulturelles.bl, Anthony Vischer, president Kunstverein BL, and Ines Goldbach, director Kunsthaus Baselland and curator of the exhibition

Catalogue: An accompanying brochure with short descriptions of all the works will be available during the exhibition

Support: The exhibition is realised by kulturelles.bl in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Baselland

Events: See Events for the events and education programme


HARVEST 2016 + Solo presentation My Spell on You by Esther Ernst

The exhibition shows works by Franziska Furter, Anja Ganster, Eric Hattan, Admir Jahic / Comenius Roethlisberger, Muda Mathis / Sus, Geneviève Morin, Emanuel Strässle and acquisitions for the collection of dotmov.bl: Ariane Andereggen, Jannik Giger, Muriel Kunz, Florine Leoni, Mimi von Moos, Christoph Oertli, Patrick Steffen and Lena Maria Thüring. All videos of the collection dotMov.bl can be presented by the support of the Kunsthaus Baselland. As there shall be no further art acquisitions, the last ERNTE exhibition for the time being is taking place in 2016.

Esther Ernst has a solo exhibition, the presentation My Spell on You. In the three Kabinett galleries of the Kunsthaus Baselland the artist is realising an exhibition based on works from the Baselland Art Credit Collection. The solo presentation is the result of an open competition organised by the Basel-Landschaft art committee and kulturelles.bl.


“So the last ERNTE exhibition for the time being is at the Kunsthaus Baselland in 2016. An exhibition that, for many years, took place every second year in rotation at the Palazzo Liestal or the Kunsthaus, and that presented the works that had been acquired by the Canton Basel-Landschaft in the course of a year. Purchased from the exhibitions and studios of the young, promising regional artists, with a clear emphasis on Basel. Equally, for the last time this year, for now, an artist who is active in the region selected by a jury will have a solo presentation. Thus for the last time, for now, artists working in the region have been specifically supported and boosted, in order to be able to concentrate on their artistic goals and drive their work forward, thanks to these one-off but frequently substantial financial awards. […] Acquiring does not just mean collecting or even just piling up works. Acquiring means recognising the creative potential in a society, fostering it and making it useful for that society. Acquiring also means engaging with the artists in the region, coming into contact with them and taking them seriously. It means believing in their potential and giving them encouragement, telling them that what they are working on is correct and important and will be presented to a broad public through the ERNTE exhibition. Thus acquiring means much more than just ending up in possession of a painting, a sculpture or a video work for the collection.”

(Excerpt from Ines Goldbach’s text in the brochure accompanying ERNTE 16)



Florine Leoni, EN GARDE, 2014 (Ausschnitt Fimstill)

Florine Leoni, EN GARDE, 2014 (Fimstill)

Esther Ernst, My Spell On You (sketch), 2016