28th April – 16th July 2017


Opening: Thursday 27th April, 6.30pm


Press preview: Wednesday 26th April, 11am


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Artist Markus Amm (b. 1969, DE, lives in Geneva) became internationally known through participation in major group shows on painting like Variations: Conversations In And Around Abstract Painting at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA in 2014 or Triumph of Painting 4: Germania at the Saatchi Gallery, London in 2008, among others. Key to these major survey shows was the question of what painting can be and do today. Amm, who was in London for many years and now lives and works in Geneva, will realise the first comprehensive survey of his work in Switzerland at the Kunsthaus Baselland. The artist will allow an overview of his fascinating, and sometimes enigmatic, painting, with which he subtly deals with questions of applying and dripping paint onto, among other surfaces, laboriously created chalk grounds.

Markus Amm
photo: Lucas Olivet