Regionale 16

The exhibition “Illuminate the Space” brings together 19 artists of different vintages from Switzerland, France and Germany at the Kunsthaus Baselland in Muttenz / Basel, who deal in their proposed for the Regional Kunsthaus work in various ways with the theme of light. The artists present works that deal with artificial light sources, absorb the natural light in the room, its radiation and shadows on the wall, in their installation, painting or photography. Even large-scale murals were designed for the exhibition, which deal with the radiance of color within the exhibition space and this broach explicitly as a microstructure.


artists: Tim Bohlender, Franziska Furter, Mireille Gros, Bettina Grossenbacher, Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger, Alexandre Kato, Hyeongjong Kim, Karima Klasen, Benjamin Köder, Viola Korosi, Doris Lasch, Frida Ruiz, Andreas Schneider, Angelika Schori, Julia Sinner, Emanuel Strässle, Tine Voecks, Anna Vovan.

Angelika Schori
Foto: Jimi Billingsley

Angelika Schori, photo: Jimi Billingsley