Sarah Oppenheimer

Sarah Oppenheimer

33-D, 2014

A project for Kunsthaus Baselland

Aluminum, glass, and architecture.


Sarah Oppenheimer, born 1972 and living in New York, presents her first institutional exhibition in Europe at the Kunsthaus Baselland. Her work has been shown at numerous museums across the United States, including at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Andy Warhol Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.


Developed for Kunsthaus Baselland, 33-D reconfigures the interior spaces of the Kunsthaus along the building’s structural grid. Two large glass sheets are mounted at a 45-degree angle to the external skin of the building. These sheets function simultaneously as both wall and projection surface, reflecting sightlines within and without the museum. Each glass plane creates traversable apertures for the visitor to cross. These openings create unexpected thresholds and trajectories for visitor movement through the space.


Oppenheimer’s interventions disrupt the experience that we, the visitors, have of the succession of spaces within a building. Her work modifies the existing architectural elements of a building while simultaneously altering our perception of the overall building plan. This transformation varies further with changing light conditions at different times of day and year. Instead of a linear experience of space and time, Oppenheimer offers the visitor a reshuffled experience of the two; instead of visitors and viewers, we become direct participants in a situation.


press reviews about the current exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland


Courtesy: von Bartha, Basel

with special thanks to: Annely Juda Fine Art, London & P.P.O.W, New York


in the weeks leading up to May 21, 2014, 33-D was realised in collaboration with:

Max Golden, Andrew Heumann, Oliver Minder, Marius Thurnherr, Lukas Voellmy, Danny Wills, Richard Yoo, David Zimmerman


Artist Talk
Friday, September 5, 2014 | 18:00

with Sarah Oppenheimer and Laurent Stalder, ETH Zurich, Departement Architecture and others.
The talk will be in English.

Sarah Oppenheimer, 33-D,

installation view, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2014

Foto: Serge Hasenböhler