Vittorio Brodmann

Annual Exterior Project 2018

16 March – 31 December 2018

Opening: Thursday 15 March, 6.30 pm

Press preview: Wednesday 14 March, 10.30 am

Born in 1987 in Ettingen (BL) and currently living in Berlin, Vittorio Brodmann will develop a work specifically for the large exterior banner of the Kunsthaus Baselland that will be on show one year long. The new work will be based on Brodmann’s typically narrative painting practice that is frequently reminiscent of comic scenes. With this the annual exterior project is awarded for the fifth time: 2014: Bianca Pedrina; 2015: Kilian Rüthemann; 2016: Matthias Huber; 2017: Daniel Göttin. The format is designed specifically to offer artists from the region a lasting presence here.