Dr. Ines Goldbach

Assistant to the Director / Exhibition Assistant

Carole Ackermann
Patricia Hug (on leave until November 2018)

Education and Communications Assistant

Ines Tondar
Christina Schmitt (on leave until September 2018)

Exhibition Technicians

Oliver Minder (Head of Exhibition Technique)
Sylvain Baumann
David Berweger
Olli Lukkari

Mission Statement

Positioned in a transitional zone between an urban and industrial environment, the Kunsthaus Baselland‘s exhibitions turn the experimental and innovative potential inherent in its location to its advantage. The institution organises group shows that consider current social discourses and topical questions in contemporary art, as well as solo shows devoted to up-coming and re-contextualised national and international artists.

The industrial architecture of the building allows for interactions and dialogue between individual artistic positions, as well as for independently staged statements. Annually there are seven to nine curated art exhibitions whose focus is international or beyond the region, accompanied by talks with artists, discussions, and events on art theory. The actuality of topics and conceptual quality are the most important selection criteria. The programme is complemented by the REGIONALE – a cooperation with fourteen neighbouring institutions in the region.

Sarah Oppenheimer, 33-D, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Baselland, 2014 Foto: Serge Hasenböhler