The Kunstverein Baselland
In the 1930s a systematic, institutional support of art began in the Canton Baselland, which started with the founding of a cantonal art fund. The committee organised an art exhibition that took place at intervals of two or three years; pictures and prints were also bought so a public collection of art from Baselland started to develop. Following this the private Basellandschaftlichen Kunstvereinigung (Baselland Art Society) was founded in 1944, which is today the Kunstverein Baselland. Local creativity was to be supported in particular through exhibitions and purchases. For decades the Kunstverein put on exhibitions by artists from the Basel area in the Schloss Ebenrein, which the canton bought in 1952. For want of an exhibition space the Verein also had to avail of empty factories, business premises, schools and tram depots.

An exhibition space of its own: the Kunsthaus Baselland
In June 1997, with the purchase of an erstwhile factory building at St. Jakobs-Strasse 170, the long-held wish for the Kunstverein to have its own exhibition site was realised. With the acquisition of the industrial building, which lies directly on the border of the cantons of Basel-Stadt (Basel City) and Basel-Landschaft (Basel Countryside), the Kunsthaus Baselland was opened in its current state with approximately 1,800 m2 of exhibition space. Lying directly next to the new St. Jakob Stadium by architects Herzog & de Meuron, the Kunsthaus Baselland can easily be reached in a few minutes by public transport from the city of Basel.

Professional curation
As the institution of the Kunstverein Baselland, the Kunsthaus is lead by a professional curator chosen by the Kunstverein committee. This role is substantially financially supported by the Education and Culture Department of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, Andreas Baur led the Kunsthaus Baselland from 1998-2001, from 2001–July 2013 Sabine Schaschl held the position of director. From August 2013 the committee was able to attain Ines Goldbach as the new director and curator; she is responsible for the current exhibition and education programme at the Kunsthaus.

Aims of the Kunstverein Baselland
See Principles of the Kunsthaus Baselland.

The Kunstverein committee is made up of the following:

President: Marina Meijer, Therwil

Vice President: Thomas Keller, Managing Director Kaserne Basel

Actuary: Jan Bangert, lawyer, Basel

Treasurer: René Meyer, trustee, Gelterkinden

Fabienne Abrecht, Chairwoman Swiss Institute, New York

Julia Steiner, artist, Basel

Esther Keller, communication specialist, Basel

Peter Sutter, business economist, Muttenz

Marina Meijer has been president of the Kunstverein Baselland since 2017. She has completed her studies at the Universities of St. Gallen and Basel and has been active on the board of various non-profit organizations over the years. In addition, she is intensively involved with art, music and literature, both in the Basel region as well as in the rest of Europe and overseas.