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Opening of the New Kunsthaus Baselland at Dreispitz: 13 / 14 April, 2024

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Kunst über Mittag: Regionale 24

Tuesday, 12.12.

Curator's tour + Workshop Talk: Regionale 24

Monday, 8.1.
KHBL Neubau 27 9 23 small 07

Construction Journal

After the completion of the three towers a few months ago—one of the essential architectural elements needed to transform the former warehouse into a contemporary art venue—the flat pitched gable roof is now finished. As well as this, the glass fronts and windows are being installed over the next few weeks, which, together with the towers, will bring daylight into the various exhibition levels. Before more and more of the construction work moves indoors, the facade of the Kunsthaus on the Dreispitz will also receive a new coat of paint!

Discover a new video by artist Dirk Koy documenting the process from May-November 2023 or find more information on the project here.