Silent Opening: Graduation exhibition

Saturday, 22.8.

Finissage: Graduation exhibition

Sunday, 30.8.

Introduction for teachers

Wednesday, 9.9.

Opening: Thu Van Tran and Sharif Waked

Thursday, 10.9.

Curator’s Tour

Thursday, 17.9.

Curator’s Tour

Friday, 18.9.

Family tour

Sunday, 20.9.

Guided Tour

Tuesday, 22.9.

Kunsthaus Baselland @ Oslo Night 2020

Saturday, 26.9.

Family Sunday

Sunday, 27.9.
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Giving Content

Through regular posts over the space of a month, invited artists will give an insight into their current work, share their thoughts or a statement on current political or cultural political events, or even express their skepticism towards social media. The works may also relate to each other and create a kind of open narrative. We don’t want to use this tool to simply point things out, but send you a broad range of content. Participating artists include Daniela Brugger, Esther Hunziker, Piero Golia, Jonathan Monk, Dorian Sari, Naama Tsabar, and others.

Kunst In Der Bz Titel Cover Neu

Edition: «Kunst in der bz»

From April 14 to June 4, full-page works by artists were published every Thursday in the "bz - Zeitung für die Region Basel". The series "Kunst in der bz" was created as a reaction to the Corona crisis in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Basel and Kunsthaus Baselland. All eight works are now combined in one edition.

The proceeds go entirely to the artists' fund of the «Regionale».

Bildschirmfoto 2020 05 26 Um 14 13 06

Artists’ Studio Visits

For artists, working alone in the studio for days, weeks, and even months at a time is not only normal but often a prerequisite for producing creative and innovative ideas and artworks. Can we also draw inspiration from this ourselves? In the last few weeks we visited a small selection of artists who have already prepared for exhibitions but are currently unable to present their work to the public. By sharing our studio visits with you, we want to help these artists gain visibility and also keep the buzz about their postponed exhibitions alive. In the last episode, our director Ines Goldbach talks to Simone Steinegger.

Many many thanks to all the artists involved Monika Dillier, Bruno Seitz, Julia Steiner, Sarina Scheidegger, Dorian Sari and Simone Steinegger. Special thanks also go to Christoph Oertli for the realization of the videos.

Climate Sign Outside Blur 2990644

X_art Gespräch

In the latest edition of X_art: Art and Activism, Danielle Bürgin (Radio X) talks to Daniela Brugger (artist and activist), Eric Hattan (artist) and Ines Goldbach (director Kunsthaus Baselland). You can find the full-length conversation here.

Cover Vorschau Katalog Christoph Oertli

Publication: Christoph Oertli

The first monograph of Christoph Oertli published in the programme of the Binding Sélection d' Artistes (N° 85).

Editor: Ines Goldbach, Kunsthaus Baselland

With texts by Giuseppe Di Salvatore, Ines Goldbach, Johanna Hilari, Christoph Oertli and Isabel Zürcher

Graphic Design: Nicole Boillat, Edit — Gestaltet

Published by VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna

ISBN 978-3-903320-59-8

Order now!

Tn 99

Publication: Lena Eriksson

Now available in our Webshop:

_957 #99_Tag und Nacht freihalten

by Lena Eriksson

CHF 15

MAGAZIN with 6 folded sheets (24 pages)

Editor of _957 Independent Art Magazine is Stephan Wittmer.