Vernissage: Peace or Never

Saturday, 20.8.

Finissage: Peace or Never

Sunday, 28.8.

Kunsthaus Baselland @ Kunsttage Basel


Vernissage: Werner von Mutzenbecher & Maude Léonard-Contant

Thursday, 8.9.

Vernissage: Kelly Tissot

Thursday, 22.9.
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Construction Journal

Remodeling work is steadily progressing on Helsinki-Strasse, the future address of Kunsthaus Baselland. The new building will be erected in the Dreispitz area by the end of 2023, meeting the contemporary standards expected of an exhibition venue. The final demolition stages are now being completed. Builders are busy working on the first ground-floor walls and getting everything ready for the construction of the project’s three triangular towers, which starts in August. At a later stage, they will pierce through the roof of the existing hall and allow natural light to flood the interior. To this end, the low-pitched roof has been opened up to expose the steel frame.

More information on the project can be found here.

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2022 Annual Program

Please find all information about the upcoming exhibitions in our annual program 2022.