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Kunsthaus Baselland is temporarily closed

Discover our education program from home with artist talks, cultural calls and our quarantine-lockdown-line!

In accordance with guidelines from the federal and cantonal authorities, the Kunsthaus Baselland is currently closed. The health of our visitors and staff is our highest priority. At the same time we remain convinced that culture is essential in these times. We would therefore like to continue to provide you with our arts education services and bring art and culture to your home in the coming weeks. We would love for you to take full advantage of our program from home, which is outlined below. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us by email. The Kunsthaus team and the director Ines Goldbach wish you all the best and above all good health!

Further information about our program from home can be found here.

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Quarantine-Line. Art inspiration at home with a 10-day subscription

Quarantine, lockdown, precautions. Whatever these days should look like, we want to provide you with personal artistic input every day for a period of 10 days — be it a short text, a short video, a small selection of images.

Try it out and register here!


Praktikum im Kunsthaus Baselland (40%)

Als Verstärkung des kleinen, dynamischen Teams sucht das Kunsthaus ab 1. März 2021 eine*n Praktikant*in. Das Praktikum bietet die Möglichkeit, Einblicke in Abläufe einer Kunstinstitution zu erhalten, sich praktische Erfahrung in den organisatorischen Tätigkeiten anzueignen und sich mit dem Netzwerk um das Kunsthaus Baselland vertraut zu machen.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

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Kunsthaus Baselland Program 2020

Please find all information about the upcoming exhibitions in our exhibition program 2021.

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Artists’ Studio Visits

For artists, working alone in the studio for days, weeks, and even months at a time is not only normal but often a prerequisite for producing creative and innovative ideas and artworks. Can we also draw inspiration from this ourselves? In the last few weeks we visited a small selection of artists who have already prepared for exhibitions but are currently unable to present their work to the public. By sharing our studio visits with you, we want to help these artists gain visibility and also keep the buzz about their postponed exhibitions alive.

Many many thanks to all the artists involved Monika Dillier, Bruno Seitz, Julia Steiner, Sarina Scheidegger, Dorian Sari and Simone Steinegger.

With the support of the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, new interviews could have been broadcasted from mid-November, allowing more artists to be discovered online. With Brigham Baker, Simone Holliger, Aida Kidane, Monica Klingler and Doris Lasch.

Watch the eleventh episode where artist Doris Lasch is in conversation with Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland.

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New Kunsthaus Baselland: Building application submitted!

The Kunsthaus Baselland Foundation and the Kunstverein Baselland have submitted a building application for the new Kunsthaus Baselland at the Dreispitz. The building’s completion is scheduled for early summer 2023. While base financing is secured, further donations are needed for exhibition infrastructure inter alia. The new Kunsthaus Baselland meets the most modern in museum presentation requirements for comtemporary art and aims to play an important role in the up and coming Dreispitz area with its many other cultural institutions.

Please find further information here.


Cultural calls. Our art hotline

We call you! Starting in November we will offer you again the opportunity to talk to us every Thursday between 10am and 12pm for approximately 10 minutes about a work from the current exhibition Regionale 21. These will be published on our website the day before. This mediation offer has been available since March 14th and has already spread far beyond the borders. Thank you for a short registration via e-mail or telephone until 5 pm the day before on 061 312 83 88 (also answering machine) for coordination purposes.

Thank you very much for the talk this week — we are very much looking forward talking with you next week on then phone!


Your contribution to the artists' fund of the Regionale!

Edition: «Kunst in der bz»
From April 14 to June 4, full-page works by artists were published every Thursday in the "bz - Zeitung für die Region Basel". The series "Kunst in der bz" was created as a reaction to the Corona crisis in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Basel and Kunsthaus Baselland. All eight works are now combined in one edition.

The proceeds go entirely to the artists' fund of the «Regionale».