Workshop: Tyra Wigg. SQUEEZE

Saturday, 28.10.
3 pm

Venue: ROXY Birsfelden

As a supporting program for the production SQUEEZE, choreographer and massage therapist Tyra Wigg offers a massage workshop that incorporates techniques from the choreographic process:
"I will share with you some of the principles of uniting massage and choreography from my project squeeze. We explore the acts of squeezing, stretching, pulling, and pressing each others’ body tissue, to then add parameters that transform the habitual notions of massage. We practice being active and passive, giver and receiver, at the same time, as well as getting a taste of touching each other from a physical distance. Further, we reflect on the empathic and aesthetic experiences that these actions generate within giver, receiver and observer."

Participation is free of charge and requires no prior knowledge. Please bring comfortable clothing.

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