Björn Braun

17.5. —

Artist Björn Braun (b. 1979, Berlin, lives in Berlin), has long engaged with the question of how much the artist alone controls and completes creative processes and what potential there might be to transform this. Embracing the accidental and the uncontrolled, as well as an approach that enters into a poetic and creative dialogue with nature, Braun creates immersive objects and collages as well as video installations that reflect his open attitude. For this he draws from materials such as industrially produced fabrics as much as he does from materials he finds in nature or which are produced by nature. This very potential to transform raw materials into novel, poetic and sometimes mysteriously and equally humorous form, which continually challenges the truth in the creation of works, are topics which engage Braun on an ongoing basis. This is Björn Braun’s first major presentation in Switzerland.

Curator: Ines Goldbach