Christoph Oertli

Sensing Bodies

24.1. —

Since the 1990s, the performances and video works by artist Christoph Oertli (b. 1962 in Winterthur), who has recently moved back to Basel, have had an important influence on the (Swiss) art scene. Central to his work are issues concerning humans in the context of their relationships and environments. Already in his earlier works, Oertli had engaged in important and (once again) relevant discussions about the body in terms of its vulnerabilities, connotations, possibilities, and limitations, especially the question of (one’s own) identity. In these works, the urban landscapes of various countries form a crucial and characteristic setting. His videos usually abstain from language, concentrating instead on condensed, precisely and intensively filmed scenes. The exhibition is the most comprehensive presentation of the artist’s video and sound works to date. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog published as part of the Binding Sélection d’Artistes series.

Curator: Ines Goldbach