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«Next Generation»

Graduation Exhibition Bachelor and Master HGK FHNW

23.8. —

I Hood Institut Kunst 2019 Gadient Foto C Knoerr 9
Gerome Johannes Gadient, causal flow, 2019, installation view I-HOOD, degree show bachelor and master Art Institute, Kunsthaus Baselland 2019. Photo: Christian Knörr

Patricia Bucher, Elias Carella, Elise Corpataux, Georg Faulhaber, Samuel Grand, Lisa Maria Lurati, Sarah Malomo, Manuel Queiró, Alessandro Schiattarella, Marilola Wili

Once again—and now for the fifth time—the Art Institute of the College of Art and Design FHNW is a welcome guest at Kunsthaus Baselland. A young generation of aspiring artists will be given an important platform here to present their graduation works to the public in a professional setting.

Curator: Nikola Dietrich, director Kölnischer Kunstverein and Chus Martínez, head of Institut Kunst, Curatorial Assistance: Marion Ritzmann