Gina Folly

Annual exterior project 2019

15.2. —

Artist Gina Folly (b.1983, Zurich), who lives in Basel and Paris, has for several years engaged in detail with the medium of photography, to which she adds complementary forms and presentation possibilities. Plants, animals or everyday things and situations, through which she carefully reflects upon and analyses her immediate surroundings, can all play an essential part within her installative works. Another subject that interests Folly is the human in the environment of his or her creation – between the natural and the artificial, continually enacting their concept of life. For the annual exterior project Folly will respond to the more than eight-metre-tall banner on the front of the Kunsthaus, in the midst of the urban space. The previous artists realising annual exterior projects have been: Bianca Pedrina (2014), Kilian Rüthemann (2015), Matthias Huber (2016), Daniel Göttin (2017) and Vittorio Brodmann (2018).