Kelly Tissot

Spurious Crops

23.9. —

Since 2016, Kelly Tissot has been working on photographic series that radically break away from a romantic image of the landscape or our perception of it. The French artist examines contradictions between the cultural and the natural, domesticity and wilderness, seclusion and community. Accompanied by sculptural structures that simultaneously fill and define the space, disorienting our traditional view of photography, there is something unsettling that often resonates in the artist’s work. Humans are only perceptible in her photographs and spatial volumes through the sense of scale and traces of civilization—through what they use, tame or try to control on a daily basis. Kelly Tissot transfers all these motifs into an ever-expanding archive of images that reveals the symbolic identity of the provincial. With newly realized works for her first institutional solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland, the artist proposes unfamiliar narratives and interrogates our own relationship with the rural.

Curator: Ines Tondar