Kilian Rüthemann

Run. Part One / Part Two

Annual exterior project

23.1. —

Kilian Rüthemann, currently living in Basel, has done numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad in the recent years. With his special handling and the use of materials in different states Rüthemann is noticed constantly. He often leads the material to its specific boundaries, thus enabling a new experience. For the annual project 2015 at the Kunsthaus Baselland Rüthemann follows his ongoing interest in physical states of minerals and in general of materials.

The large sheet on the outer facade presents itself at first glance as a commercial photography and inevitably recalls melted chocolate — and yet much irritates at this by the artist initiated situation. Run it is called and was completed by another intervention on the forecourt of the Kunsthaus, which was done in April 2015.

Again Rüthemanns project displays his interest, in which he checks known materials through their consistence as well as leading out their limits. The material is often brought into a state in which it acts in a certain way and even brings in a form. So it is this juxtaposition of precisely planned interventions or actions that allow open, random and therefore new results by Rüthemann.
Text by Ines Goldbach

Curator: Ines Goldbach