Marcel Stüssi

Objekte und Frühwerke / Die 90er-Jahre

12.10. —

In two exhibitions, the Kunsthaus Baselland shows works by Marcel Stüssi, an artist who had lived for a long time in Basel before he died. The Kunstverein Baselland has received an extensive donation from his estate.

Marcel Stüssi (1943—1997), although he also completed the Malfachklasse in Basel quite regularly, can be described as an outsider. Far from the hustle and bustle of art, he created a highly stringent, independent and interesting work, whose unusual spectrum became known only after his death. First of all, the range of his artistic work, which makes it difficult to classify himself, has become visible: painting, drawing, photography, graphics, mail-art, film and poems; In all media Stüssi has found an individual style. The two exhibitions are devoted to objects and early works and the 90s. They show a variety of facets of this obsolete artist; Playful objects, which are reminiscent of the representatives of Neo-Geo but also incorporate Pop-Art-Elements. And then again outbursts in color, elaborate stories, which were put on paper. Stüssi was an artist who had never seen seriousness, poetry, and playfulness as opposites, which the exhibition is wonderful.
Text by Simon Baur

Curator: Sabine Schaschl und Simon Baur, Autor und freier Kurator