Regionale 21

Mitchell Anderson, Philipp Hänger, Eric Hattan, Matthias Liechti, Raphael Loosli & Arnaud Wohlhauser, Céline Manz, Anina Müller, Alexandra Navratil, Jacob Ott, Nina Rieben, Anna Schwehr, Flurina Sokoll, Romain Tièche, Jan van Oordt, Johannes Willi, Olga Zimmelova

28.11.2020 —

Candle for the no
Coffee & Milk
Dominant Dreams
Erde an Kosmos
fold; Simulationisms
Gratis basket piece
Hilanderas (James S. Brady Briefing Room, White House, USA February 25, 2020)
Holes, Blanks, Ways Out
I used to like people, now I only like seagulls
in cuore sento il pazzo volo di un’ape regina
Indolore, Endolori
Im Grenzgebiet zwischen Luft und Speise Röhre
Love to love you baby
Sentimental Title, loading
So eine Umordnung
Tête à tête
The magic is still there but the sex is terrible
The Racing Agency
Under Saturn (Act 3)
Verbeugen üben
Verlauf I

A series of work titles. Reminiscent of a poem, these words unite the various artists’ works beyond their position in the exhibition. The words allow for new connections. A kind of poetry in the space, which gives us space to think: different languages, styles, and subjects invite us to reconsider the prescribed and the familiar and to connect what is separated.

The invited artists use existing resources and structures but intentionally extract individual elements in order to create new relationships through their own artistic strategies.

The exhibition at the Kunsthaus Baselland presents seventeen artists who, in an incisive appraisal of their immediate environment, pose urgent questions about our current habits and our current situation. The resulting conceptual spaces are explored by different external guests each week, who expand them with their own perspectives. Souvenir-like texts allow the visitors to remember what they have seen and to pursue some of the ideas themselves.

Curator: Géraldine Honauer, Ines Tondar and Ines Goldbach (Assistant Curator)

R21 Orange

«Two navel oranges, one whole and the other split in half», © Evan-Amos