Renate Buser

12.8.2007 —

Buser Renate J 2007 1
Renate Buser, Annual outdoor project Kunsthaus Baselland 2007

Renate Buser’s oeuvre is a fertile breeding ground for various photographic approaches and applications. Thanks to the photographs made on site, she renders visible neglected spatial relationships, lines, and structural connections.

She interferes with existing architecture and creates her own distinct version by means of photography, a version that highlights the particularity of the place. The results of these architectural analyses, i.e. large-format photographs, are transferred to textile or paper substrates and then used in the analogous places of the real-life architecture whose inherent structures allow for entirely new architectural variants. The façade of Kunsthaus Baselland facing the street, for example, is virtually changed by means of a photographic trompe l’oeil of the internal space behind it. Rather than the solid wall with the Kunsthaus lettering, viewers, as they look out from the inside, see the window front characteristic of this part of the building as well as slivers of impinging light. The photographic intervention makes the box-like building structure open up, and visitors are guided to the main entrance by the stripe markings of window and light zones.
Text by Sabine Schaschl

Curator: Sabine Schaschl