Stefan Karrer

Solo Position.A initiative

24.1. —

Weary looking drops of water, forum discussions about the pronunciation and meaning of the photographic term “bokeh,” and two Maltese caves competing for a Homeric myth make up the starting points for the new video installation by Stefan Karrer (b. 1981 in Basel) presented in the Kunsthaus. Central to the work of this Vienna-based artist are internet platforms and the digital material accumulated on them, which he thoroughly examines in terms of the relationship between humans and technology. The exhibition will be accompanied by an artist’s book published by Mark Pezinger Books and a sound performance. “Solo Position” is a competition format that targets regional artists and offers them the possibility of their first institutional exhibition. On the initiative of, the competition was publicly announced for the sixth time in spring 2019. Members of the jury included the expert commission for art from the Canton of Basel-Landschaft and the director of Kunsthaus Baselland.

Curator: Ines Goldbach