Werner von Mutzenbecher

9.9. —

Werner von Mutzenbecher has been one of the main protagonists of the Basel cultural scene since the early 1970s—both as an artist and a long-time teacher at the Basel School of Design, as well as through his interim leadership of Kunsthalle Basel in the 1970s. His works can be found in numerous public and private collections in Switzerland.
With work spanning more than sixty years, von Mutzenbecher has realized an oeuvre that not only includes painting and drawing, but also photography, film (16 mm and Super 8), video, and texts. The exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland demonstrates how the artist has approached these different techniques and mediums in parallel from the very beginning, as well as how he progressed within his oeuvre from narration to gestural painting to a strong formal vocabulary that is not only present in his painting but also in his film and photography. The works on display are a selection from all mediums and periods, from the late 1950s to the present day. The exhibition is accompanied by his first comprehensive monograph.

Curator: Ines Goldbach