The Kunsthaus Baselland pays particular attention to providing a comprehensive programme of associated events specially for children and families for all solo and group exhibitions. We invite young and old to discover the artworks in playful, exciting ways and thus to become creative themselves. All sessions are tailored to the age of the participants.


If you are interested in what we have to offer please phone (+41) 61 312 83 88 or email us. We will be delighted to take your booking and are of course available to answer your questions.

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Contact: Meret Glausen, on Wednesdays, 9 am–5 pm
Our team is available to answer questions or take bookings from Tuesday–Friday from 9 am–5 pm.

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Let’s Go!

Children’s Workshop

Drawing, painting and making. Everyone can do that. But with us you can crack line puzzles, work with dried plants, create a painting ground, build a camera or make your own painting book. We offer age-suitable workshops for children from six years old that relate to the exhibition topics. Every last Sunday of the month, suitable for children from six years on.

Next Workshop: November 26.
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Online workshop for children

Make your own “Good Mood” blend (for children aged 5–12 years)
With Leila Bill, Merian Gärten
We will show you how you can easily make your own “get well soon” powder from different seeds and leaves. The best thing about it is that it also tastes really delicious! Plants such as peppermint, camomile or thyme, which you might even have at home, can help you to feel on top form. In her current exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland, Marlene McCarty deals with the knowledge about plants and their use. Once you’ve made the powder you can store it in a nice jar and transform it into a delicious drink by adding it to hot water. The instructions will be available here. Have fun!

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Your Own Voyage of Discovery

Public Family Tour

A tour for young and old. We move through the ongoing exhibition in a varied and intriguing manner. There is much to discover and investigate. In an age-appropriate manner we allow our ideas and impressions free rein and speak about what we see.