Christoph Oertli


This monograph represents the first comprehensive overview of the work of Swiss video, performance, and sound artist Christoph Oertli, who has been a major presence in Swiss and international video art since the early 1990s. With in-depth texts and a picture section documenting the creation of many video works for the first time, the publication offers a precise and fascinating introduction to his entire oeuvre.

In addition to a conversation between the artist and Ines Goldbach, director of the Kunsthaus Baselland, authors Giuseppe Di Salvatore, Johanna Hilari, and Isabel Zürcher analyze and discuss Oertli’s work in the contexts of film and video, theater and dance, as well as art history and music. The design of the publication renders the immediacy of the recording, production, and the final edited image visible for the first time.

N° 85 in the programme of the Binding Sélection d'Artistes.

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Cover Vorschau Katalog Christoph Oertli
  • Editor
    Ines Goldbach
  • Editing
    Yasmin Emmenegger, Ines Tondar
  • Graphic Design

    EDIT — Nicole Boillat, Basel

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    VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien

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