Kelly Tissot



With contributions by Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Ines Goldbach, Tristan Lavoyer, Kelly Tissot and Ines Tondar.

The publication is co-produced with the art space Forde in Geneva.

Supported by Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt

Kelly Tissot SEVENTYFOUR Cover 500px
  • Editor
    Ines Tondar, Ines Goldbach, Kunsthaus Baselland
  • Editing
    Martina Stähli, Ines Tondar
  • Graphic Design

    Sylvan Lanz Studio, Basel
    (Sylvan Lanz, Rebekka Hausmann)

  • Publisher

    Kunsthaus Baselland

  • Year
  • ISBN
  • Price
    CHF 12 (nur noch wenige Exemplare verfügbar)

This publication accompanies the exhibition