Regionale 22

Pictorial Spaces

28.11.2021 —

An annual group exhibition developed in the context of Regionale, a cross-border cooperation of 19 institutions in Germany, France and Switzerland focusing on local contemporary art production in the three-country region around Basel.

Can painting be a museum, light in space, traces of nature? What role do digital media play in a genre that has — until now — primarily been created through an analog process? How can painting be conceived of differently when it is hardly the classical medium any more, nor are the instruments that are used?

Thirteen artists from the trinational region are working within an artistic genre that has long needed to be broken open — especially conceptually. Painting today, then, is so much more than its recognized definition. The eclectic, large-scale and generally expansive works at the Kunsthaus Baselland bear witness to this.

Through an international perspective on the subject, through artists who work in Switzerland, Germany, and France while representing a lived internationality in the region at the same time, the exhibition provides a multifaceted insight into a persistently vibrant and current medium.

Curator: Ines Goldbach, Ines Tondar