Kunstverein Baselland Collection

Not everyone is aware that the Kunsthaus Baselland possesses a collection. When the Kunstverein Baselland gained a fixed exhibition space in the building by the Birs river in 1997 collecting ceased (with sporadic exceptions). The collection includes just under two hundred works, predominantly paintings but also prints and drawings. The Kunstverein started collecting in 1944, the year it was founded, when it was still called the “Basellandschaftliche Kunstvereinigung”. At that time the Verein explicitly formulated its purpose to promote local creativity through exhibitions (principally in the Schloss Ebenrain in Sissach from 1952 onwards) and through purchasing. Contemporary and what were then prestigious works from regional artists found their way into the collection. Thus today not only Basel region artists but also some from neighbouring cantons are represented in the collection. In 2015 a selection from the collection was shown in a significant exhibition context for the first time in the exhibition Collecting.

dotMov.bl Collection

The Canton Basel-Landschaft’s dotMov.bl collection has, since the 1970s, formed a web-based collection which brings together important moving-image works. The canton purchases works or use rights that allow the presentation of these works on www.dotmov.ch. These works can, alternatively, be viewed at any time in their full length at the Kunsthaus Baselland or the Kunsthalle Palazzo. For several years the Kunsthaus Baselland has assumed more responsibility for this collection and has repeatedly exhibited works in suitable presentation formats — as multi-channel projections or installations, for example. In 2013 a first major selection was revealed to the public in the group exhibition Making Visible. Other presentations followed within the exhibition Collecting (2014) and Places of Longing (2018).