Filmscreening #2: Play Your Part

Wednesday, 24.10.
6.30 pm

With selected short films relating to Beehave. Presented by Chantal Molleur, White Frame

The part we play in the deterioration of our environment is indubitable. We cannot argue against the scientific data. The part we play becomes essential in the fate of all living beings. Nature is alarminly giving us clear signs of the damages causes by our careless actions for ourselves, to each other and to our planet.

This program called ‘Play Your Part' encompasses eight films portraying through different genres the traits of our characters and the roles we play adding to the questions raised by Ines Goldbach and Matina Millá in the exhibition ‘Beehave': what part do we play in our complex society?


- Ligne Noire, Mark Olexa et Francesca Scalisi, Switzerland, 2017, 10 min, without dialogue - documentary

- Le sens de la marche, Jela Hasler, Switzerland, 2018, 10 min, without dialogue - documentary

- Prekäre Dinge, David Zürcher, Switzerland, 2018, 6 min, German - experimental

- VIGIA, Marcel Barelli, Switzerland/France, 2013, 8min, Swiss Italien with English subtitles - animation

- Wir sind dir treu, Michael Koch, Switzerland/Germany, 2005, 9 min, Swiss-german with english subtitles - documentary

- Selfies, Claudius Gentinetta, Switzerland, 2018, 4 min, without dialogue - animation

- Neighbours, Norman McLaren, 1952, 8 min, without dialogue - animation

- I want a dyke for president, Adinah Dancyger, USA, 2016, 2:10, English - peformance video

Text by Chantal Molleur

This event accompanies the exhibition

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