The honeybee as a source of artistic inspiration

14.9. —

Kopp Jan Constellation Ordinaire 9
Jan Kopp, Constellation ordinaire 9, 2018, photo: Jan Kopp
Kopp Jan G 2018 1
Jan Kopp, Constellation ordinaire 9 (detail), 2018, photo: Jan Kopp
Baselgia Mirko Bienenwabe 03 2013
Mirko Baselgia, Bienenwabe, 2013, photo: Stefan Altenburger
Regli Peter G 2018 1 Kopie
Peter Regli, RH No 272, 2009, photo: Peter Regli

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The honeybee plays a key role within our whole ecosystem. Starting from contemporary discussions about how bees are dying and current threats to the species, artistic works come about — in part in response to science — which demonstrate subjects relevant to society as well as principles of living and acting together. This is a group exhibition created in cooperation with the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and presents the honeybee as a source of artistic inspiration.

Invited artists amongst others: Brigham Baker, Mirko Baselgia, Joseph Beuys, Björn Braun, Mike Hentz, Sandra Knecht, Jan Kopp, Peter Regli, Boris Rebetez, Joan Miró, Alex Muñoz & Xavi Manzanares, Luis Fernando Ramírez Celis, Philip Wiegard, Toni Serra/Abu Ali, Till Velten and Andrea Wolfensberger.

Many thanks to the partners of the Kunsthaus Baselland, the sponsors of the exhibition, as well as to the supporters who wish to remain unnamed.

Curator: Ines Godbach