Tyra Wigg



9.11. —

SQUEEZE is a pulsating terrain of vibrating flesh, sliding fascia, muscular release, pleasurable pain and ever-growing phantom limbs. Sonically accompanied by Nya Bürki aka Graue Kreide, a group of people are busy kneading, squeezing, pulling, stretching, and shaking each other, driven by an unwavering anatomical curiosity and desire for touch.

The mutual relationships between the bodies and the thick, soft textiles blur the boundaries between the carers and the cared for, as well as between human and inanimate matter. After a sensual and aesthetically seductive journey, the performance transitions into a post-performance session where the audience is invited to linger in the cozy setting and, if they feel like, massage therapy methods with each other and/or the performers.

Concept, choreography: Tyra Wigg
Development, Performance: Simon Fleury, Tejus Menon, Natascha Moschini, Yixuan Xiao, Tyra Wigg / Marie Popall
Live Mixing: Nya Bürki (Graue Kreide)
Scenography, Costume: Ernestyna Orlowska, Carolina Misztela, Tyra Wigg
Dramaturgical Support: Johanna Hilari, Sonja Jokiniemi
Choreographic Development: Mariana My Suikkanen Gomes
Music Development: Thy Truong
Production: produktionsDOCK (Bernhard la Dous, Regula Schelling, Juliana Simonetti)

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Tyra Wigg is offering a workshop in advance on October 28. More information here.