Doris Lasch

Without having to fall into linear time.


The publication was published on occasion of Doris Lasch’s exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland and is accompanied by the text The Love of images by Dominiek Hoens and an interview with Ines Goldbach.

«…Perhaps one thing becomes apparent here: the publication, which, being another printing, lies like a filter between things. Additional distance, a shift in space and time, is added, in that I now leaf through a book and I don’t move through an exhibition or visit the artist in her studio. It is that of a work of translation, i.e. I can open mental spaces in order to imagine that I move through an exhibition…»

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Doris Lasch Cover
  • Editor
    Ines Goldbach, Kunsthaus Baselland
  • Graphic Design

    Astrid Seme

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  • ISBN
    ISBN 978-3-9524774-0-3
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    CHF 10

This publication accompanies the exhibition